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This box is freakin awesome! The items are awesome! Your boss is nice! YOU GET A FREAKIN DUNDIE!

Planning to have them in your hands before Christmas and New Years! Only a few days left for sale!

Normally all of these items would add up to over $120 but with the magic of buying in bulk we can all get some awesome items that are related to our favorite show, The Office. All of the items are made by me and anything that isn't is not licensed by NBC nor will anything have their shows name on it. With that being said I am so excited to say you'll get the following..

1. Dundie Award 10" tall with an award title I'll be giving everyone!
2. Pack of Large Stickers! 3"x4", 3"x7", & 2"x2" in full color!
3. Shrute Farms 1" Metal Pin custom made by me! (There will only be a few Golden pins randomly given out!)
4. Spaceship Fund Necklace with ACTUAL GRAVEL FROM Dunder Mifflin in Van Nuys CA!!!
5. Mystery 11"x17" Poster custom drawn by me!
6. Maybe another thing depending on how many are ordered

A great gift for the Holidays!!!

Thanks! and any questions just shoot me a message on instagram @theoffice_meme